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Corporate Wealth Plan

A Corporate Wealth Plan is essential in ensuring the long term success, growth and prosperity of your business through a  process of Discovery and Engagement that provides unprecedented Empowerment.

Corporations and businesses face unique challenges and a purposeful corporate wealth plan provides effective strategies in wealth preservation, creation and asset efficiency within the corporation.

A corporate wealth plan will include Wealth Preservation strategies and address potential risks that could impact the long term success of your business

Buy/Sell Agreement

A Shareholders agreement with respect to funding the transfer of share ownership upon events such as retirement, disability, death, bankruptcy, martial breakdown or a shareholder dispute.

Executive Benefit Planning

Explore strategies to protect your ability to drive revenue for your business, executive compensation and key employee retention

Corporate Group Benefits

Providing cost efficient group plans to attract and retain talent and compensating your plan members with affordable and comprehensive benefits.

 Corporate Structure

Reviewing the most efficient corporate structure that takes into consideration creditor protection, tax efficiencies and succession planning. 

A corporate wealth plan will include Wealth Creation strategies to effectively and efficiently maximize corporate assets.

Shareholder Retirement Planning

Careful long term planning considerations must include an assessment of shareholder retirement needs and help ensure retirement capital is protected and strategies developed to efficiently unlock value in the business to meet retirement needs.

Accumulate Tax Advantage Wealth

Develop strategies to greater utilize passive corporate assets to increase tax efficiencies and grow overall corporate value, generate non taxable cash flow and increase after tax estate value and retirement cash flow.

Creditor Protection Strategies

Develop strategies that will further enhance shareholder creditor protection of passive corporate assets through corporate structure and corporate estate and passive corporate asset investments.

Tax Efficient Strategies

How much of your corporate growth is lost to taxes?  Develop strategies that provide efficiencies that will contribute to generating greater corporate wealth and paying less tax.

A corporate wealth plan will include Wealth Asset Efficiency strategies that will beneficially and effectively transition ownership while maximizing the businesses value and long-term  success.

Succession Planning

A process of determining how shareholders transfer business ownership and transition out of business management, while maximizing your personal financial security. 

Individual Pension Plans

Tax efficient Corporate retirement plans for shareholders or employees to protect shareholder retirement value, facilitate successful succession planning and an employee incentive program.

Corporate Asset Wealth Transfer

Strategies to maximizing overall corporate value, provide tax advantage corporate withdrawals and preserving assets for heirs and successors.

Tax Efficient Corporate Withdrawals

Tax efficient strategies to withdrawal funds from the corporation for income streams or retirement vs passive investments, dividends and bonus income.

Through the Discovery, Engagement and Empowerment process an advisory team approach is taken to build your Corporate Wealth Plan and helps in assembling and working with a team of specialists and professionals to help coordinate the process.

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